Becoming part of the writing community is essential for traditionally introverted writers. Not only is writing a solitary task, the journey to publishing is ripe with pitfalls and harsh feedback. Join RWA and your local writer groups.  


Shana Galen offers some great advice for new and upcoming writers. http://www.shanagalen.com/writers.php


A huge list of resources for writers in every genre of fiction. http://www.internet-resources.com/writers/wrlinks-fiction.htm


Another helpful resource for new and upcoming romance writers. http://www.passionatepen.com/index.htm


An incredible character chart to help you line out everything that makes your character rock, from quirks to hair color. http://www.epiguide.com/ep101/writing/charchart.html


Another amazing list of resources for writers of every genre, with everything from agent advice to research help. http://addictivebooks.com/writers/writers_1.htm


Always wanted to know the basic ingredients for writing romantic suspense? (By Cheryl Wright) Here you go! http://www.fictionfactor.com/guests/romance.html


Lisa Gardner has some amazing info on her site about writing romantic suspense, research, plotting, the dreaded synopsis and more. A lot of writers utilize them. http://lisagardner.com/writers-toolbox


A plethora of info to be found here, along with classes on the nuts and bolts of writing romance. http://romanceuniversity.org/


Great article by Roxanne St. Claire about romantic suspense. There's a lot of other info on the site for writers, so be sure to explore while you're there. http://goo.gl/mCyoY



These are some great sites for what's hot in romance right now, particularly romantic suspense. They're also the perfect place to meet other romance novel addicts, so be sure to join the conversation!

















Just for Fun!

Would you like to know what separates the successful from the unsuccessful? http://goo.gl/onnKL 


A fantastic speech given by the amazing Jayne Ann Kretnz in 2000 at Bowling Green State University's Conference on Romance.  http://www.jayneannkrentz.com/bgspeech.html


These are links I've found useful for a variety of reasons. Some are writer oriented, some are reader oriented and some are just fun. There may even be a naughty one mixed in. Guess you'll have to click and find out.  

Be sure to check back often! 

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