BDSM can be a fun way to explore your sexuality, and ever-changing tastes and desires. Putting into play *wink-wink* some of the things you read in erotica can add spice to the bedroom, and that's never a bad thing. However, it's extremely important to be safe while doing so. Take your time exploring some of the links below for tips & tricks to have fun and stay safe.

Glossary of BDSM Terms

Six Questions Every Submissive Should Ask A Potential Dominant

​Ten Tips for BDSM Safety

​BDSM Safety & Common Sense

​How to Get Into BDSM--The Short Version

​May 2011 has Getting Into BDSM, Part 1 & 2 and both are well-worth the read.
This is by no means a complete list. If you have someone you'd love for me to read and add to the list, please send me a message with their info--even if you're the author. :-)

Maya Banks

Sabrina York

Jeffe Kennedy

Elizabeth Amber

Alisha Rai​

BDSM  Info

Erotica Authors

​​​I also write BDSM (dark) erotica under the pseudonym Angel Crowne, which I plan to self-publish. The first book will be a collection of fairytale themed short stories. In the meantime, you can Like my Angel Crowne Facebook page, follow me on Twitter, and check out the links below!


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