...where love is lethal


99% of the time,

I wouldn't change a thing.

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The sole girl in a land of boys, I spent my childhood playing with Barbie dolls, plotting revenge against my older brother, and leaping tall buildings--otherwise known as water sprinklers. Angst-ridden, poetry filled teenage years gave way to voracious reading, which eventually led to an over-fed muse smacking against my skull in a bid for freedom.

My choice of romantic suspense is handy, since my muse is a blood-thirsty little thing. It's such fun to knock off that annoying co-worker in a freak accident involving a careening office chair, industrial stapler, and a dozen flight of stairs. That aggressive driver who nearly ran you off the road this morning? A few miles past your exit, a semi-truck going seventy miles-per-hour lost its load of razor thin metal tubing...right in front of his vehicle. It wasn't pretty.

**Disclaimer:  I don't really sit around dreaming up gruesome and bizarre ways to kill off people. Not real people, anyhow. I save that for my characters.

The great state of Idaho is currently home to me, my four munchkins, and one grand munchkin. The typical childhood dramas, thrown in with assorted extended family members and mixed with a Great Dane and three kitties, manage to both fuel and frustrated my muse.
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